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Donor: Genomics

End-Road Morden Maze VG-88-USA

End-Road Bronco Meadow VG-87-USA
Winstar Spectre 4604  
  • 151lbs F + E, <200 FE, 5.5 PL and 6.2% SCE - strong combination of production and fitness.
  • In addition, a rare sire stack: Spectre x VG-86-2YR Profit x VG-88 Morden.
  • Family of S-S-I Robust Magic 7228 VG-88.

    gTPI +2609  gNM$ +842  gPTAT +1,58

    De-Su 13050 Spectre
    End-Road Profit 2203 VG-86-USA

    S-S-I Partyrock Profit
    End-Road Morden Maze VG-88-USA

    HLA   3 305 15308kg  3,7%  569kg  2,9%  443kg

    Sully Morden 270
    S-S-I Robust Magic 7228 VG-88-USA

    HLA   1 305 14677kg  3,3%  484kg  3,0%  444kg

    Roylane Socra Robust
    End-Road Bronco Meadow VG-87-USA

    End-Road O-Man Bronco
    End-Road Shottle Maria VG-87-USA

    Picston Shottle
    End-Road Finley Mika VG-85-USA

    Opsal Finley
    End-Road Rubytom Mimi EX-90-USA

    Lenzway Tesk Rubytom
    End-Road Ramona Maria VG-85-5YR-USA

    Went-Straat Star Ramona
    End-Road Choice Mandy EX-91-2E-USA

    The Choice Of Mark Adam
    End-Road Rex Margy VG-85-2YR-USA

    Lutz-Brookview Bell Rex

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