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Andreas Middelkampf
The Middelkampf farm is located about 45 km north of Osnabrück, not far from the A1 motorway. Main focus on the farm are the horse and cattle breeding. Since no milking cows are kept on our farm, the breeding cows are on different partner farms in Germany and the USA. The breeding goal is focused on deep cow families, eye-catching type animals, protein performance and fitness. In addition to several show heifers, we also work with some animals with high genomics, as currently the Bandares daughter BGP Demi (12/2017 +2778 GTPI, 158 RZG) in the US. Major breeding heifers include Milksource DTY Tanya-Red EX-94, All-American Produce of Dam 2016, MS D Angel Darnisha RC VG-87-2yr (Kingboy x EX-94 Damion x Apple EX-96), Wilstar RB Anna- Red VG-88-3YR (Redburst x9 Gen. EX), MS Angelina's Ana-Red EX-90-3yr (10th Generation EX Apple), MEDal Goldwyn Inlove VG-88-3yr (Goldwyn x Stormatic Ilma EX-95 ) and Butler Look Beemer Callback VG-86-2yr (Beemer x Silvermaple Damion Camomile EX-95). The young hopefuls include Seeger's Sunshine VG-86-2YR (Impression x EX-90 Howie) and a VG-85-2YR Aftershock x EX-90 Damion x Valleyville Lheros Jen EX-94.
NOHL Holstein
In fall 2008, William Morille was diagnosed with Leber's Hereditary Optic Neuropathy, short NOHL. Despite his visiually disability he lives his passion, the Holstein breed, and in 2009 he won the National showmanship award in St Brieux. In the same year, Nohl Holstein was founded and began with an invest in embryos in Canada. The result of these and other acquisitions is a herd of 100 animals, who lives in Notrh America and Europe. During the 10 years, many valuable animals have been born, which allows him to organize the 1st Nohl's Excellence Sale on May 5th in Limpach, Luxembourg.
Familie Uhrig - Brühlhof Holsteins und Jersey
Our farm, Rinderzuchtbetrieb Bruehlhof, is located directly at the foot of the Taunus Hills with a view to the Frankfurt skyline. We are milking 120 Holstein and Jersey cows, all backed by world-famous Type families. We like cows that are productive for our farm and at the same time meet all the requirements of a modern Show cow! The Laurie Sheiks, Lavender Ruby Redrose, Odysee Chief Mark Ina, Avonlea Rennaisance Kookie, Cloverland Skylar Cherry Red, Glenridge Citation Roxy, Sky's The Limit Claire and in particular, the Thumb Pride Mars Perfector family as the Foundation cow behind our Petissa Cow family, are the keystones of our breeding program. Also, on the sires side, we are selecting bulls with high conformation from deep Cow families. Andrea and I are both passionate show participants and at the same time often on the road as judges, nationally and internationally. Our greatest Show successes are the Junior Champion title for Red Rose @ National Show in Oldenburg 2011, Kendra's Grand Champion @ Swiss Expo 2014 as well as 7 Supreme Champion Awards at our State Shows in Hessen and Thuringia.
Du Louvion Holstein
Du Louvion Holstein is a family farm in the north of France. The farm was established be Veronique and Jean Lepoint in the middle of the 80’s, now it is managed by their son Hughes and grandson Benjamin. The farm has 200 animals including 70 dairy cows with an average classification of VG-88. Du Louvion work closely with 3 partners: Quartes in Belgium (makes special feeding programs for show cows), Genes Diffusion in France, and Holstein Forum for export The selections goals have always been the same for 25 years: to work with animals from the world’s best known families, high and modern type animals, and bulls choice on type, protein and health traits. Recently the most important animals of the Du Louvion are: Du Louvion Harlinda EX-93 (2x national grand champion), Gen-I Beq Inaika (2x R&W grand champion), and Du Louvion Buterfly EX-96 (the highest classification in France). The new challenge for the years to come is to build an own cheese factory.
Western Canadian Breeders Club
Founded in 2017 and actively expanding its membership, the Western Canadian Breeders Club is a group of dairy farmers looking to draw attention to the high quality cattle Western Canada has to offer. With strong genetic options as diverse as the country we live in, the Western Canadian Breeders Club covers a broad range of pedigrees. From show winning herds, internationally respected cow families, Red and White Holsteins, all the way to high GTPI indexing lines, Canada’s four Western Provinces are home to a wealth of potential. As membership grows the club’s goal is to build a strong brand recognized internationally as a source of quality Canadian genetics
OWN Genetic
Ole Windfeldt Nielsen - Ole is the Northern Light among our partners. He lives with his family in Denmark, where he masters the balancing act between profession, family and hobby. He has a special eye for animals, that is why he has been a judge for Shows for 6 years, the last 2 years even at the National Show in Herning, Denmark. He works as an agricultural operations manager, where a part of the animals belong to him. The breeding he runs as a hobby, where he puts emphasis on 80% Balance, 10% Genomics and 10% Show. Ole and Bernd met in 1999 on a trip in the USA and have been in touch since then. The cooperation with Holstein Forum began when Bernd Sommer and Friedrich Köster bought OWN Lucille from Ole in September 2011 - in October 2012 her daughter HFP Lucette was tested as # 1 GTPI in Europe and # 4 GTPI worldwide. The last Penley daughter of Lucille will be sold along with some granddaughters and great-granddaughters at the Holstein Forum Kösters Vareity Sale on July 8., 2017.
Heinz Meier
Heinz Meier grew up with Holstein breeding. In the 1970s, his parents already founded the Holstein herd with imported semen. In 1987, the first heifer calf from embryo transfer was born. In 1994, the first imported embryos were transferred to breeders and in 1996 the first import of embryos from New Zealand has happened. In the years 1997 to 1999, Family Meier bought heifers at the Sunrise Sale, which today constitutes a major scaffolding of the herd, as well as 3 own Swiss cow families. In 2011, Heinz Meier took over the current farm, and since then he has sold more than 120 livestock and breeding animals at auctions and from the barn, including some 100,000 kg cows, GM cows, EX cows, bulls, embryos and Show cows. For Heinz Meier, animal welfare is very important, he is convinced that his animals will feel well where ever they are sold to. On October 1th, 2016 he organized the 1st Meier's Holstein Sale in cooperation with Holstein Forum with 75 catalog numbers very successfully.
TGD-Holstein is a family business with 120 dairy cows and 200 pcs. of young cattle. The second stand is the breeding stand with 90 sows in a special label. In the cattle breeding the Gerber Family has specialized in genome breeding (ISET + a small part of gTPi). They want to breed beautiful, functional cows with high breeding values, which are also suitable for AI studs, in Holstein and Red Holstein. Gerber is currently working with the following cow families: Shottle Daisy, Cosmopolitans (Col Candy), Verhagens Bos Candlelight, Lylehaven Lila 2, Different branches of KHW Regiment Apple, Val-Bisson Shottle Imelda, TGD-Holstein Blue, Stooky Fagin Scarlet (TGD Sarabi), GS-Alliance Goldwyin Emily (Reserv Champion Bulle 16), Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy-ET The red Bigstar son Starlight is currently in service at Swissgenetics. His ISET is currently 1570 and he is the highest domestic Red Holstein bull in Switzerland. He descends from an Aikman (the full brother is Snape, he was 2 years ago the highest RH Bull) by Goldwyn Sarabi (Scarlet family). Currently TGD is successful on all fronts. Thomas Gerber has done something unique with the April breed (female). For all 3 breeds, he puts the new #1 to all genomically tested cattle in Switzerland. Holstein TGD Jedi Carrysma gISET1678; RedHolstein TGD Asterix Brennixa gISET1531; Red Carrier TGD Jedi Candamy gISET1549. Carrysma is also +2900 GTPI and +1011 NMS the # 1 in Europe. In addition, TGD-Holstein sells 60 heifers and cows in the year at auction sales and directly off the farm.
Friedrich Köster grew up with the Holstein breeding, his father could inspire him already at a young age, just as Friedrich now extends his daughter Laura to this breeding passion. The family Köster has decades of experience with the cattle breeding and with a look at the current top lists of the genomic young bulls, as well as the results at plenty of shows, you immediately realizes that the Köster KG acts successfully on all breeding fronts. The most well-known cow family of the Köster herd is the T-breach. This results in some of the most successful German R&W show cows, such as KOE Tyra EX-93, which won the German National Show R&W and the All German title twice. Furthermore several genomic bulls have gone into AI (Nuance RDC, Nuncio, Efficiency, Ellmau, etc.). In addition, KOE Lotta EX-90 won the National Show of the R&W breed in 2015. Kösters, together with Henrik Wille, are owners of Lady Gaga EX-97, who left the ring as Grand Champion at all shows in Germany. Lady Gaga was sold at the 2nd HFK Sale in 2013. In joint ownership with Holstein Forum are OWN Goldwin Lucille VG-89, which has produced nearly 100 offspring, among others HFP Balu with gRZG 160. Bersaglio HF Qualsiasi VG-87, one of the best O-Man daughters in Europe, also has a considerable number of offspring, including the attractive HFP Quality, whose breeding value is at gRZG 157. Qualitys Finder daughters show preliminary results of gRZG 172 and 173. The business relationship with Holstein Forum has existed since 15 years and every two years the Köster KG and Holstein Forum in Partnership with RUW organize the Holstein Forum Kösters Variety Sale. The 4th HFK Sale will take place on July 8, 2017 at the Köster farm in Steinfurt.
Rising Star Holstein
The story of Rising Star Holstein began in 2014, when Joé Schweigen decided to buy Holstein embryos from a daughter of the world famous Goldwyn Missy together with HaWiLux. Shortly thereafter he bought his first own cattle, a Durham daughter from the Sky Chief Adeen family, at the Thuringia Open Sale. This Durham has recently calved for the first time and was classified VG 85. The greatest successes until now has been achieved by Ptit Coeur Seaver Tabasca EX93. She was voted Grand Champion of the 'Nuit de la Holstein 2016' in Libramont, as well as the LSC in Luxembourg. In addition, she took 2nd place at the SwissExpo 2016. Other highlights are: GS Ruegret Atwood Adrea won the Reserve Grand Champion title in Libramont and became the Grand Champion of LSC in Luxembourg in 2015. Her very typical Doorman daughter was sold at the European Sale in Colmar. Her Solomon daughter gained the 5th place at the SwissExpo 2017. Owned with Pit Bosseler Joé has a VG 85-242 Armani daughter from Maxima, who became Grand Champion at the Junior Wintershow in Luxembourg in February 2017. All the animals are on the farms of Holstein Bosseler, Neser Holsteins and Antony's Bellvue. Since December 2016 Joé has been active in breeding, marketing and auctions for Holstein Forum.
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