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Holstein Forum Specials Online
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Meier's Casper Misty is fresh
Casper Misty, former #1 and dam of the current #1 gISET in Switzerland, Meier's Etymology Mirla (gISET 1772) is since saturday in milk, is looking very good and has born a female calf from Riveting.
Will she be the new #1 in Switzerland?
Meier's Gianluca Hetty - a very unique story
Sunrise Sale 5 - 1999
It was on the 10th of June, 1999 when family Meier from Switzerland decided to buy HF Mattie Hay. The seller of Hay was Holstein Forum, who had already bred her dam.
Hays granddam, Leadman Hellebore, was purchased by Holstein Forum a few years earlier in Italy. Her dam is the maternal sister of To-Mar Blackstar, one of the most influential bulls in the Holstein history.

Meier's Holstein Sale 3 - 2020
On September 5, 2020, Holstein Forum decided to purchase the strong type and expressive young heifer Meier's Gianluca Hetty. And here the circle closes: after 21 years and 10 generations after Leadman Hellebore, Holstein Forum is once again the proud owner of a descendant from the famous To-Mar Blackstar family.

Many thanks to the Meier family, who have developed this special cow family over so many generations. We look forward to our future together with Hetty.

Welcome to Germany
We are happy to welcome 3 animals from Meier's Holstein Sale at the Holstein Forum stable:
Top seller # 76 Meier's Mystery CHF 11,600 (buyer: G-Plus, Bergamo, Italy)
# 65 Meier's Gianluca Hetty (buyer: Holstein Forum, DE)
# 23 Meier's Poncho Estevita (buyer from Germany)
Congratulations to Heinz Meier for his first sales of breeding animals outside Switzerland.
Good luck and success to the buyers
Thanks to all of you - Holstein Forum Collectibles at
Thanks to all consigners & bidders for your support.
Wishing the best of luck to all buyers!
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