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Products and Services
The business purpose of our company, Holstein Forum Rinderzucht GmbH, is the breeding, production and trade of cattles, in particular of the Holstein breed, and to offer services related to the field of agriculture.

In more detail, our services looks as follows:
  • National and international marketing of exclusive genetics of the Holstein breed (dairy cattle, Friesian Holstein, HF and Red Holstein, RH ):
    • AI Bulls
    • Embryos
    • Female Genetics
  • Selection of bull dams based on decades of breeding expertise
  • Organization and execution of Live Sales (HFK - Holstein Forum Kösters Variety Sale, Sunrise Sale, German Selection Sale and Meier's Holstein Sale)
  • Organization and implementation of online sales (embryos and female genetics)
  • Presentation and supervision of farms in an extensive customer and supplier network in Europe
  • Competent, motivated and creative staff and management. Solution-oriented, reliable and versatile team with decades of experience and extensive knowledge in various fields in breeding, trade and marketing.
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