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Holstein Forum History
20.05.20195. Holstein Forum Kösters Variety Sale
01.04.201925th anniversary of Holstein Forum Rinderzucht GmbH
29.03.2019Sunrise Sale 24
01.09.2018Meier's Holstein Sale 2
16.06.2018German Selection Sale 2
05.05.20181. Nohl's Excellence Sale in Limpach, LU
16.03.2018Premiere of @ Sunrise Sale 23 in Karow.
08.07.20174th Holstein Forum Kösters Variety Sale, Steinfurt.
01.07.2017We moved into our new office in Havixbeck.
05.12.2016Our new Holstein Forum website is online!
01.10.20161st Meier’s Holstein Sale, Kyburg, CH
01.10.2016Presentation of our new Holstein Forum company logo
23.04.20161st German Selection Sale, Vreden
12.04.2016HFP Balu, #2 gRZG (161) in Germany
27.06.20153rd Holstein Forum Kösters Variety Sale, Steinfurt
01.06.2015Restructuring of Holstein Forum organization
17.03.2015Sunrise Sale 20, Karow
01.04.201420th anniversary of Holstein Forum Rinderzucht GmbH
07.01.2014HFP Queena #2 gRZG (162) in Germany
20.07.20132nd Holstein Forum Kösters Variety Sale, Steinfurt
23.12.2012Start of Holstein Forum Xmas Online Heifer Sale
06.12.2012Birth of HFP One-Red, #1 gRZG (153) and gRZE (148) of Red Holsteins in Germany
02.10.2012HFP Lucette #1 GTPI (+2665) in Europe and #4 global
28.05.20111st Holstein Forum Kösters Variety Sale, Steinfurt
08.06.20081st Holstein Forum Online Embryo Sale
01.09.2007Start of cooperation with Morsan Farms, Ponoka, CAN
01.01.2007Registration of Holstein Forum Partners herds prefix „HFP“
16.03.2005Sunrise Sale 10, Karow
13.07.2000Birth of Mascol in Laer, #1 RZG in Germany for more than 2 years
01.09.1999Start of the partnership with Carlo Valsecchi, GAP Trade&Services, IT
15.07.1999Start of the partnership with Adolf Langhout, ALH Genetics, NL
01.07.1999Acquisition of Holstein Forum GmbH by Bernd Sommer as sole manager and owner
03.06.1995Sunrise Sale 1, Wiesenfeld
01.10.19941st Holstein Forum Breeders School
01.04.1994Company foundation of Holstein Forum Rinderzucht GmbH in Altenberge, founders H. Diers, C. Höltje and Bernd Sommer
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