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Male International
CAN_Top_LPI_Domestic_Proven_Bulls_08_202071 kb
CAN Top LPI Genomic Young Bulls 08_2020109 kb
CH Top ISET Daughter Proven Bulls 04_202017259 kb
CH Top ISET Genomic Bulls 04_20202294 kb
ESP Top gICO Daughter Proven Bulls 04_2020360 kb
ESP Top gICO Genomic Bulls 04_2020370 kb
FR Top ISU Daughter Proven Bulls 04_2020277 kb
FR Top Interbull Genomic Bulls 04_2020276 kb
FR Top Interbull Daughter Proven Bulls 04_2020274 kb
FR Top ISU Genomic Bulls 08_202091 kb
IT Top PFT Daughter Proven Bulls 08_2020239 kb
IT Top PFT Genomic Bulls 08_2020224 kb
NL Top gNVI RH Genomic Bulls 04_2020819 kb
NL Top gNVI RH Daughter Proven Bulls 04_2020680 kb
NL Top gNVI Daughter Proven Bulls 04_20201818 kb
NL Top gNVI Genomic Bulls 04_20202665 kb
UK Top gPLI Daughter Proven Bulls 04_2020470 kb
UK and Int. Top gPLI Daughter Proven Bulls 04_2020467 kb
UK Top gPLI Genomic Bulls 04_2020462 kb
USA - High Ranking Sire Report 08_202054 kb
USA - High Ranking TPI Genomic Young Bulls 08_2020452 kb
USA - Top 100 International TPI Bulls 08_202079 kb
USA - Top 100 TPI Polled Bulls 08_2020269 kb
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