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As you see, the drive was worth it.
HFK Sales heifers are waiting for their tour bus
Sales catalog for Wagyu-Gala-Sale 2017
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Holstein Forum Newsletter
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Online Embryo Sale - 24/7
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New offers @ Online Embryo Sale 24/7
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Thanks for the great 4.Holstein forum Kösters Variety Sale!
We are very satisfied and proud that we have been able to present you with an offer of over 100 lots. More than 90% of the animals were sold, of which 34 were exported (A, CH, DK, F, I, L, NL).
#84 SON Pretty Lady 10.700€ DK
#19 1.Wahl Kuhkalb 10.000€ D
#54 1.Wahl Kuhkalb 10.000€ D
#105 Sensation-Red 9.500€ D
#104 NOHL Sarah 9.400€ L
#57 PrismaGen Amy 8.000€ A
#* THD Romad 7.000€ D
#32 HFP Quynh 7.000€ DK
#64 NOHL Inna 6.500€ D
#55 WIL Movie 6.300€ NL
#70 Visstein K&L Candy 6.200€ D
#1 EIT Isaluna 5.600€ D
#61 RIS Marie 5.000€ DK
#38 Nalizevray Vray 4.800€ A
#16 NOHL Brya 4.800€ L
#27 PrismaGen Playmate 4.600€ D
We have a new picture of Lot #1 - EIT Isaluna
EIT Isaluna
She did great at the National Show in Oldenburg 2017.
In our new office
Frau Westermeier am neuen Schreibtisch
Our new adress:
Holstein Forum Rinderzucht GmbH
Walingen 36b
48329 Havixbeck

Tel: +49 (0)2507 / 573 2222
Fax: +49 (0)2507 / 573 2223
4. HFK Sale / Online Embryo Sale - 24/7
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THD Romad
Reserve Junior Champion R&W National Show Oldenburg 2017
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Meiers Mascalese Fayas excursion
Fayas Flug
ended last week in a steep slope in the Swiss mountains. After more than a day of searching, our breeder friend Heinz Meier discovered Faya there and could organize her rescue from the air. Faya is happy and healthy at home again.
Holstein Forum Newsletter
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HFP Sales Heifers waiting for their big appearance
Online Embryo Sale - 24/7
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The bit different Pedigree
Katalognummer 84
High genomics from a great family.
gRZG 159 Kerrigan x President x Mogul x Osmone @ Eric-Dew Conductor Peggy EX-45-4E!
Lady Gaga again National Champion
Lady Gaga EX-97
Lady Gaga has impressively demonstrated her superiority with the second Grand Champion title in a row yesterday on the National Show.

Our congratulations to Henrik Wille and Friedrich Köster.

Lady Gaga was sold at the 2nd Holstein Forum Kösters Variety Sale 2013 and has dominated German show scene since 2014.

Also this year, we offer a variety of hopeful show heifers from international cow families on the 8th of July 2017 in the 4th HFK Variety Sale. Do not miss this unique opportunity!
Holstein Forum Newsletter
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4th Holstein Forum Kösters Variety Sale - the best offer all time!
Katalog Seite 44
Sales do live from the successes of the buyers. We are proud to be able to present some of these successes. Especially, we are happy about the fact, that less expensive animals have delivered such great results in the buyer herds.
For instance the Qualsiasi Family:
Heifers from Finder @ gRZG 163 & 165
Superhero sister @ gRZG 159 is sold
Beatstick, Top #2 semen sales in Germany 2016 are from the Qualsiasi family.
3 Heifers (HFP Quynh, HFP Quinna und HFP Quintina) are sold on the 4th Holsteein Forum Kösters Variety Sale.
Our sales catalog is now online
4th Holstein Forum Kösters Variety Sale.
Newsletter 09062017
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Blondin Redman Seisme EX-97-2E-USA
Granddaughter from the "One&Only R&W" - Seisme!
Awesome-Red x Ladd Shania-Red EX-90 x Seisme EX-97
Family of the worlds best R&W!
Endless show succeses!

On the 8th of July 2017 you will have the possibility too see this and more than 100 other offers on the 4th Holstein Forum Kösters Variety Sale.
The best offer all time - 100 lots!
Golden-Oaks Perk Rae-Red EX-90
PP from the Roxys @ gRZG 145
8 generations excellent
Hologram x Lottie Da x Epic x Gwyn Perky x Golden-Oaks Perk Rae-Red EX-90

This and much more on the 4th Holstein Forum Kösters Variety Sale on the 8th of July in Steinfurt.
The best offer all time - 100 lots!
RH Talent Maxima EX-94
Your next show winner!
RH Talent Maxima EX-94
Defiant x Armani VG-86-1YR x Maxima EX-94
From the best red breeding cow in Europe.
TWR Armani Maryline was named Grand Champion on the Juniow Winter Show in Luxembourg, 2017.

This and much more on the 4th Holstein Forum Kösters Variety Sale on the 8th of July 2017 in Steinfurt.
The best offer all time - 100 lots!
Jacobs Goldwyn Britany
!! Jacobs Goldwyn Britany EX-96-2YR-CAN!!
Archival x VG-88-3YR-CAN Sid x Britany EX-96
Incredible mating
Archival: Type bull and not availabel in Europe.
What a special show heifer
MS Apples Audrina
Doorman x VG-86 Uno x Apple EX-96
Grand Champion World Dairy Expo, KHW Regiment Apple-Red EX-96
Great looking show heifer!

That and much more @ 4th Holstein Forum Kösters Variety Sale on the 8th of July 2017.
Tomorrow we start our new Online Embryo Sale
Regiment Apple-RED EX-96
-Embryos from the best cow families
-Top Exterieur
-High Genomics

Visit our Online Sales.
World Class Jersey: Kendra EX-95
Primero x RZB Kimberly VG-85 x Kendra EX-95
Kendras Showsucces:
- Supreme Champion Hessens Zukunft 2012
- Champion Jersey Hessens Zukunft 2011/2012/2014/2017
- Grand Champion Thuringia Jersey Open 2012/2014
- HHM Champion Jersey Swiss Expo 2011
- Reserve Champion Udder Swiss Expo 2011/2012
- Reserve Grand Champion Jersey Swiss Expo 2012
- Grand Champion Jersey & Best Udder Swiss Expo 2014

Do we need to say more?
That and much more on the 4th Holstein Forum Kösters Variety Sale on the 8th of July, 2017!
World Champion 2016 !
Galys Vray EX-94-CH
Family Of the European & World Champion 2016 !
Beemer x full sister of Galys Vray EX-94-CH
Beautiful calf from an even better pedigree.
Your chance for the Champions League on the 4th Holstein Forum Kösters Variety Sale on the 8th of July 2017 !
To be sold on the 4th Holstein Forum Kösters Variety Sale
PP & RDC @ gRZG 149.
Mission P x Balisto x Candlelight VG-86.
One of the highest PP heifers in Europe from the family of Apoll P.
Family traces back to Stookey Fagan Scarlet-Red EX-94.
To be sold on the 4th Holstein Forum Kösters Variety Sale
Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy
Great looking Beemer show heifer out of the one and only Missy....
Beemer x Doorman
Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy EX-95
Royal and Madison Grand Champion
Sneak Preview for the 4th HFK Sale on the 8th of July
Morsan LIS Mom Tretica-Red LU0899126034
World sensation!
first red Charley daughter will be sold.
Headliner x MOM x FoolsGold VG-88-CAN.
#1 VRC-Family Worldwide.
Family of HFP OneRed, Morsan GoForGold EX-90 and HFP Gilla Red VG-85-2YR.
Sneak Preview for the 4th HFK Sale on the 8th of July
First Choise Mega Watt x Apple EX-96!
Olympien x Ladd P x EX-90 Goldwyn x Apple EX-96.
2 very early red heifers with outstanding type potential.
4th Holstein Forum Kösters Variety Sale
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Wagyu Spring Sale
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Sneak Preview for the 4th HFK Sale on the 8th of July
PR Barbie
Polled from the Barbies.
Early Mission P @ gZRG 157.
Zumba x Earnhardt x Robust x Chassity EX-92 x Cinderella EX-92 x Barbie EX-92.
Extremly high proofs from 7 generations Excellent.
Sneak Preview for the 4th HFK Sale on the 8th of July
Red Bankroll from Fools Gold.
Outstanding type heifer @ gRZE 137.
Bankroll x Dorman x Morsan GoforGold EX-90.
Family of HFP One-Red.
Dame HFP Gilla-Red just classified VG-85-2YR.
OWN Genetic
Ole is the Northern Light among our partners. He lives with his family in Denmark, where he masters the balancing act between profession, family and hobby. He has a special eye for animals, that is why he has been a judge for Shows for 6 years, the last 2 years even at the National Show in Herning, Denmark.
He works as an agricultural operations manager, where a part of the animals belong to him. The breeding he runs as a hobby, where he puts emphasis on 80% Balance, 10% Genomics and 10% Show.
Ole and Bernd met in 1999 on a trip in the USA and have been in touch since then. The cooperation with Holstein Forum began when Bernd Sommer and Friedrich Köster bought OWN Lucille from Ole in September 2011 - in October 2012 her daughter HFP Lucette was tested as # 1 GTPI in Europe and # 4 GTPI worldwide. The last Penley daughter of Lucille will be sold along with some granddaughters and great-granddaughters at the Holstein Forum Kösters Vareity Sale on July 8., 2017.
PDF-Download (802 KB)
Heinz Meier
Heinz Meier grew up with Holstein breeding. In the 1970s, his parents already founded the Holstein herd with imported semen. In 1987, the first heifer calf from embryo transfer was born. In 1994, the first imported embryos were transferred to breeders and in 1996 the first import of embryos from New Zealand has happened. In the years 1997 to 1999, Family Meier bought heifers at the Sunrise Sale, which today constitutes a major scaffolding of the herd, as well as 3 own Swiss cow families.

In 2011, Heinz Meier took over the current farm, and since then he has sold more than 120 livestock and breeding animals at auctions and from the barn, including some 100,000 kg cows, GM cows, EX cows, bulls, embryos and Show cows.

For Heinz Meier, animal welfare is very important, he is convinced that his animals will feel well where ever they are sold to.

On October 1th, 2016 he organized the 1st Meier's Holstein Sale in cooperation with Holstein Forum with 75 catalog numbers very successfully.
PDF-Download (771 KB)
KOE Fabiola Red
Last year, KOE Fabiola Red, from our partner Köster KG, was sold to Batouwe Holsteins in the Netherlands for € 2,500. It was classified as a heifer with 87 points and was selected in August 2016 at a regional show of all Holsteins' Reserve Intermediate Champion - two weeks later she was voted the best red-brown young cow.

You can purchase such and other jewels at the 4th Holstein Forum Köster Vareity Sale on July 8, 2017 in Steinfurt.

Further information is available here on our Homepage
We have new pictures
HFP Larima VG-85-2YR (Balisto - Vollschwester zu HFP Balu & HFP Bill)
We have new pictures
HFP Gilla Red VG-85-2YR (Doorman x Morsan GoforGold EX-90)
We have new pictures
KOE Lancia R (Absolute-Red x KOE Lotta EX-90 - Siegerkuh R&W Nationalschau 2015)
We have new pictures
HFP Rosie VG-85-2YR (Deman aus Durham Regenia EX-92)
We have new pictures
HFP Dreamcatcher (Bankroll aus Shottle Daisy EX-94)
Last Chance - Online Easter Sale
PDF-Download (997 KB)
PDF-Download (552 KB)
Online Easter Sale runs out on the 23th of April 2017!
Online Easter Sale!
PDF-Download (303 KB)
2 HFP families in the Top 4!
HPF Balu
Among the most commonly used Holstein and Red Holstein bulls in Germany in 2016 are WEH Beatstick (Balisto x Goldchip x HFP Quinta x Qualsiasi) @Masterrind at #2 and HPF Balu (Balisto x HFP Lucy Lu x Lucille) @RUW at #4 from the Holstein Forum Partner Breeding program.
HFP Dreamcatcher #7 gRZE!
The Bankroll daughter Dreamcatcher is the new #7 for gRZE 144 in Germany. She descends from a VG-89 Atwood on Shottle Daisy EX-94.
Embryos of Expander will be offered in our Online Easter Sale.
Johanna Red embryos available.
Embryos from Jordy Red (sexed) x Johanna Red VG-85-2YR @ our Online Easter Sale available. Johanna is a granddaughter of Rockymountain Talent Licorise EX-95-5YR-USA.
The Online Easter Sale takes place from April 14th until April 17th: Online Sales.
Holstein Forum Partners presents
TGD-Holstein - Thomas Gerber
TGD-Holstein is a family business with 120 dairy cows and 200 pcs. of young cattle. The second stand is the breeding stand with 90 sows in a special label.
In the cattle breeding the Gerber Family has specialized in genome breeding (ISET + a small part of gTPi). They want to breed beautiful, functional cows with high breeding values, which are also suitable for AI studs, in Holstein and Red Holstein.
Gerber is currently working with the following cow families:
Shottle Daisy, Cosmopolitans (Col Candy), Verhagens Bos Candlelight, Lylehaven Lila 2,
Different branches of KHW Regiment Apple, Val-Bisson Shottle Imelda, TGD-Holstein Blue,
Stooky Fagin Scarlet (TGD Sarabi), GS-Alliance Goldwyin Emily (Reserv Champion Bulle 16),
Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy-ET
The red Bigstar son Starlight is currently in service at Swissgenetics. His ISET is currently 1570 and he is the highest domestic Red Holstein bull in Switzerland. He descends from an Aikman (the full brother is Snape, he was 2 years ago the highest RH Bull) by Goldwyn Sarabi (Scarlet family).
Currently TGD is successful on all fronts. Thomas Gerber has done something unique with the April breed (female). For all 3 breeds, he puts the new #1 to all genomically tested cattle in Switzerland. Holstein TGD Jedi Carrysma gISET1678; RedHolstein TGD Asterix Brennixa gISET1531; Red Carrier TGD Jedi Candamy gISET1549. Carrysma is also +2900 GTPI and +1011 NMS the # 1 in Europe.
In addition, TGD-Holstein sells 60 heifers and cows in the year at auction sales and directly off the farm.
PDF-Download (854 KB)
TGD successfull on all fronts
TGD Holsteins has done something unique with the April proof run (females). In all 3 breeds, Thomas Gerber presents the new #1 of all genomically tested heifers in Switzerland
Holstein TGD Jedi Carrysma gISET1678
RedHolstein TGD Asterix Brennixa gISET1531
Red Carrier TGD Jedi Candamy gISET1549
Carrysma is also the #1 Female in Europe with +2900 GTPI and +1011 NMS.
On Friday you will find out more about TGD in our Newsletter.
Holstein Forum Partners presents

HFP Team
Köster KG
Friedrich Köster

Friedrich Köster grew up with the Holstein breeding, his father could inspire him already at a young age, just as Friedrich now extends his daughter Laura to this breeding passion.
The family Köster has decades of experience with the cattle breeding and with a look at the current top lists of the genomic young bulls, as well as the results at plenty of shows, you immediately realizes that the Köster KG acts successfully on all breeding fronts.
The most well-known cow family of the Köster herd is the T-breach. This results in some of the most successful German R&W show cows, such as KOE Tyra EX-93, which won the German National Show R&W and the All German title twice. Furthermore several genomic bulls have gone into AI (Nuance RDC, Nuncio, Efficiency, Ellmau, etc.). In addition, KOE Lotta EX-90 won the National Show of the R&W breed in 2015. Kösters, together with Henrik Wille, are owners of Lady Gaga EX-97, who left the ring as Grand Champion at all shows in Germany. Lady Gaga was sold at the 2nd HFK Sale in 2013.
In joint ownership with Holstein Forum are OWN Goldwin Lucille VG-89, which has produced nearly 100 offspring, among others HFP Balu with gRZG 160. Bersaglio HF Qualsiasi VG-87, one of the best O-Man daughters in Europe, also has a considerable number of offspring, including the attractive HFP Quality, whose breeding value is at gRZG 157. Qualitys Finder daughters show preliminary results of gRZG 172 and 173.
The business relationship with Holstein Forum has existed since 15 years and every two years the Köster KG and Holstein Forum in Partnership with RUW organize the Holstein Forum Kösters Variety Sale. The 4th HFK Sale will take place on July 8, 2017 at the Köster farm in Steinfurt.
PDF-Download (854 KB)
Qualsiasis @ gRZG 173 & 172 !
01072016_DE0538689402_HFP Quality
Qualsiasi is back !
The 4th generation under the HFP prefix has reached new spheres. 2 Finder daughters, HFP Quincia & Quimera, received preliminary proofs @ gRZG 173 and 172 !
Her dam HFP Quality is the #1 Missouri in Germany. HFP Quality traces back by Supersire x Firbrax to the well known Bersaglio HF Qualsiasi VG-87-2YR.
Red Doorman VG-85-2YR !
Morsan ROB Go For Gold_Aftershock_HFP_Juni2013_kleiner
HFP Gilla-Red is fresh and was classified VG-85-2YR / VG-85-Udder.
Gilla-Red is sired by Doorman and maternal sister to HFP One-Red (Uno x Morsan GoFoGold EX-90 x Stoneden Fools Gold-Red VG-88 CAN).
She will be flushed to Beemer (sexed) soon.
Holstein Forum Partners presents
HFP Team
Rising Star Holstein
Joé Schweigen

The story of Rising Star Holstein began in 2014, when Joé Schweigen decided to buy Holstein embryos from a daughter of the world famous Goldwyn Missy EX-95 together with HaWiLux. Shortly thereafter he bought his first own heifer, a Durham daughter from the Sky Chief Adeen family, at the Thuringia Open Sale. This Durham has recently calved for the first time and was classified VG 85.

The greatest successes until now has been achieved by Ptit Coeur Seaver Tabasca EX93. She was named Grand Champion of the "Nuit de la Holstein 2016" in Libramont, as well as at the LSC in Luxembourg. In addition, she took 2nd place at the SwissExpo 2016.

Other highlights: GS Ruegret Atwood Adrea won the Reserve Grand Champion title in Libramont and became the Grand Champion of LSC in Luxembourg in 2015. Her stylish Doorman daughter was sold at the European Sale in Colmar. Her Solomon daughter was 5th at the SwissExpo 2017.

Owned with Pit Bosseler, a VG 85-2YR Armani daughter from Maxima EX-94 became Grand Champion at the Junior Wintershow in Luxembourg in February 2017. All the animals are housed at Holstein Bosseler, Neser Holsteins and Antony's Bellvue.

Since December 2016 Joé has been active in the areas of breeding, marketing and auction sales for Holstein Forum.
PDF-Download (592 KB)
La Nuit de la Holstein
A night dedicated to the grand cows.

This year again, the well-known show attracted an outstanding mood, as well as outstanding animals. For the first time, the organizers welcomed Spanish feeders. In addition, France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and, of course, Belgium were represented.

In the afternoon the young breeders had the opportunity to prove their skills at the showmanship. The winner of the screening competition was Christoph Thein from Luxembourg.

In the early evening, the Holstein and Red Holstein competed. The title of "Championne Génisse" was awarded to HHH Rubinne de Hautmont Hill, owned by Jean-Louis Neuville and Quentin Aubry of Belgium. AHL Honey from Laure Scholtus from Luxembourg, was named "Championne Espoir", Montion went to TWR Maryline Armani from Bosseler Pit and Silence Joe. Bradnick Hussarde also secured a 1A from Bosseler. To the "Championne Intermédiaire" judges Pascal Henchoz crowned the following "Grande Championne" Lasid de Bois Seigneur, by Jonas and Eddy Pussemier. The title of "Championne Adulte" also went to Luxembourg. HTH Heidefee convinced by Claude Thein; Before Planillo Bonair Helen from Spain and Boldwin Helle from Laure Scholtes.

After the successful show, the breeders celebrated their successes extensively at the after-sale party.
800 visitors at Sunrise Sale 22

This year, again, Sunrise Sale was a popular meeting place for international breeders. With a spectator record of 800 visitors, the Elite of the Holstein Breed was presented at the marketing center in Karow.

Who really wanted to buy TOP Genetics, the joint auction of RinderAllianz, Holstein Forum and Rinderzucht Schleswig-Holstein could not be missed. Top Genetics was sold to 8 different countries at an average price of 6.290 €. Auctioneer Andreas Aebi was accompanied by Pedigree reader Ingo Schnoor, who gave a well-trained team and complemented each other skillfully. The buyers came from Denmark, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland and Switzerland.

#1 Louisa (Baltikum x Sargeant) for 17.000€ in The Netherlands
#2 Sister Sunrise (Kerrigan x Boss) for 16.000€ in Germany
#19 KHE Kroatien (Citizen x Defender) for 13.500€ in Germany
#23 MBL Mp-Lolly P (Milford-P x Balisto) for 11.500€ in Germany
#26 WILL Almi (Jedi x Kingboy) for 8.500€ in Germany

After the end oft he sale there were satisfied faces everywhere, both the organization team as well as buyers and sellers were completely satisfied with the results. We are already looking forward to Sunrise Sale 23 in spring 201
PDF-Download (722 KB)
Goint once, going twice, going three times
In a couple of hours it starts!

From 2 pm you can visit the animals in the auction stable. At 7 pm the Sale beginns.

And for anyone who can not be there, we have the LiveStream

We look forward to seeing you!
Sunrise Sale
#6 RR Light Exclusive - the only Lighter-Daughter from Tribune Emily-Rose. She has an gRZG of 157 and without faults.
Sunrise Sale
#29 AAA O'Kalinka-Red strengthens itself
Sunrise Sale
#30 RIS Athena does also feel well in Karow
Sunrise Sale
#18 RIS Astra enjoys time in Karow
Sunrise Sale
#2 HH Beemer Cameron is pampered
Sunrise Sale
#1 Louisa feels good in Karow.
Sunrise Sale
#17 Du Louvion Maika has arrived in the stable.
Sunrise Sale on YouTube
You are not able to be in Karow on Tuesday but you don't want to miss the Sale?
We will stream the Sunrise Sale LIVE from Karow on our YouTube-Channel.
Lean back and enjoy the Show!

Live Stream
Last chance - Sale ends at 22h (CET) !
Online Sales
Take your chance of exclusive embryos
-Cow families
We deliver all over Europe.
PDF-Download (757 KB)
Genetics for Everyone!
Only until tomorrow 22h!

Take your chance of exclusive embryos.

Cow families

We deliver all over Europe

Visit our Online Sales.
PDF-Download (736 KB)
Sunrise Sale 2017
Don’t miss the Sale of the Year!

March, 14 2017 19:00 h @ Karow

New updates on Sunrise-Sale
Embryo Online Sale
Don’t miss the Start today at 6 o’clock
Online Sales
PDF-Download (959 KB)
Holstein Forum Kösters Variety Sale
Save the Date:
On Saturday 8th July 2017, the 4th HFK Variety Sale takes place.
You are very welcome to consign your sales heifers for this top event at

Bernd Sommer
Tel. +49 (0)2554 914573

We look forward to your consignments.
Historic success for Du Louvion
On the 27th of February 2017 at the SIA in Paris

Since 50 years of the National Show at the SIA in Paris, it has been the first time ever, a individual breeder has succeeded in winning both the Grand Champion titles in the Red Holsteins and Holsteins.
This milestone has been achieved by Family Lepoint (Du Louvion Holsteins) with the victories of the Red Holstein Champion Gen-I-Beq Inaika-Red and the Grand Champion of the Holsteins, Du Louvion Harlinda.

Congratulations from the entire Holstein Forum Team. This is a great success !
We are pleased on your behalf !
PDF-Download (567 KB)
Sunrise Sale #18 RIS Astra
-Full sister 5th in class @ Swiss Expo Lausanne 2017
-Doorman sister @ European Sale Colmar sold for €7.200
-Atwood Adrea - Reserve Grand Champion & Senior Champion Nuit de la Holstein 2016
-Grand Champion Luxembourg Summer Classic 2015
Sunrise Sale #16 ALH Sherlock
Looking for a bull dam in the next generation?
ALH Sherlock is the answer!
-Delta @ 2.691 GTPI and +880 NM$
-From Ronelee Outside Dabble EX-91-2E-USA
-Family of Domain, Durable RDC, O-Daddy, Denzel
-Dam Ssire 874 freshened 6 weeks ago and looks promising.
Sunrise Sale #15 MyH Briana P
Showpotential and polled in one? MyH Briana has it all!
- Polled from the Barbies!
- With an alternative maternal line and her genomic figures she offers various opportunities
- Red Carrier tidbit for all type enthusiasts
Don't miss this interesting offer!
Sunrise Sale #12 TD Lombardi Belladonna
Belladonna means "The Beauty" and so the Early Lombardi is.

- Belladonna has a nice combination of production, functionality and hig genomics.
- She is an Early Lombardi from the cow familiy from famous Sires as Goldwyn, Brawler, Windbrook and Brewmaster.
- High genomic heiferi from the Gypsy Grands.

It is your chance of the cow family of the Century.
Junior Winter Show
On Friday the 17th of February the annual edition of the Junior Winter Show took place in Ettelbrück. As the show name includes, only heifers and young cows are entering this show. About 70 animals competed against each other this evening. The quality of the animals did challenge the young judge Torben Mehlbaum. Still, he did an excellent job.
Junior Champion, AHL Tictac was owned by Laure Scholtus closely followed by RIS Doorman Anna owned by Joé Schweigen. Emely Holly of AHL did impress in the group of second lactation cows, followed by Bradnick Hussarde of HBL.The honors of the Grand Champion took WR Armani Maryline (owned byPit Bosseler and Joé Schweigen) who was also the winner of the first lactation.
A small but fine show came to an end and after the After-show-party Luxembourgs breeders are already looking forward to the next edition.
PDF-Download (514 KB)
Sunrise Sale 22 - March 14, 2017
PDF-Download (3534 KB)
#7 ALH Magican
- Magicstar is maternal sister to Butz-Hill Megasire
-Family of Gold Missy EX-95-2E-CAN - Grand Champion Royal Winter Fair 2013
-Grand & Supreme Champion World Dairy Expo 2011
-Reserve Intermediate Champion World Dairy Expo 2009

Don`t miss your Missy!
TWR Maryline (Armani x Maxima)
Just scored VG 86 and made Grand Champion at Junior Winter Show in Luxembourg 2017. She is owned by Holstein Bosseler Limpach and Rising Star Holsteins.
Staff Notice
Dear Business Friends!

On February, 28th 2017 is my last day as Commercial Manager with Holstein Forum, and my farewell from the daily operation in the breeding industry.

A big thanks to Bernd Sommer & the competent, ambitious and passionate HF(P) team for great years and learnings. You people are terrific, please continue with your good work! I will for sure miss you!

I'm forever grateful for the opportunities and moments I've had working with so many amazing people, and their passion for the Holstein breed. For the future, I would like to wish all business partners and friends of Holstein Forum all the best!

Last but not least important I’d like to introduce you Astrid Fertig:
Astrid has been working at Holstein Forum since January 2017. She is responsible for the Marketing and Accounting. As a native Danish she enriches the company through her optimistic and humorous nature. The international office clerk has a solid experience in various, globally active companies in the area of product marketing and bookkeeping, which she brings to the Holstein Forum. However, influenced due to her childhood on the grandparents farm, her down-to-earth-attitude has always maintained. Astrid speaks German, Danish and English.

On behalf of the Holstein Forum team I wish Astrid very welcome and much pleasure and success in her new role.

Eva-Maria Olk
PDF-Download (385 KB)
Sunrise Sale 2017 - The catalog ist now online!
PDF-Download (6221 KB)
Sunrise Sale 22 - March, 14 2017
PDF-Download (1121 KB)
Swiss Expo 2017
Great successes for Holstein Bosseler, Antimonium, C-Sold & Rising Star Holsteins

January 13 and 14, not only brought much snow fall in Lausanne, but also the decision about this year's winner of the SwissExpo. As every year, this well-known event, in addition to the unique quality of the animals, offered a spectacular show which inspired the audience. For the first time, also Luxembourgian animals have been shown in the famous Swiss ring. A team of motivated Luxembourgian young breeders took the opportunity to participate in the competition with their own cattle, and this with success...

The results of a first participation is something worth looking at. In the first and second category of the Red Holstein Heifers, 2 Matisse-Red daughters from the herd of C-Sold Holsteins reached a good 6th place each. Tightly followed by Antimonium Holsteins' red Attico daughter from the Ruleto family. Highlight of the first show day for the whole team was surely the class victory of Wiesenfeld Joy-Red. This Lotus daughter, who was purchased by Holstein Bosseler Limpach in 2015, then won the Reserve Junior Champion award as well.

On Saturday was the day of the Holsteins. Here a Golden Dreams, as well as an Impression daughter of Holstein Bosseler Limpach, was placed in the middle of the starting field. RIS Solomon Anna, reached on a great 5th place in her class.

The collaboration of the whole team has given all young breeders a fabulous weekend.

The award of the Red Holstein Grand Champion went to Jowis Incas Flavia, followed by Mr. Savage Pasteque. Honorable Mention obtained Kolly-JL Vincent Coucoula.

DH Goldchip Darling was named the Grand Champion Holstein. Reserve Grand Champion became Du Bon Vent Inkapi in front of Pozosa Goldwyn Sonia.

Yours Joe Schweigen
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Wilcor O'Kalinda RDC VG-85-2YR-CH !
O'Kalibra RDC EX-97-3E-CH
Yesterday, O#Kalinda RDC, Lotus granddaughter of Decrausaz O'Kalibra RDC EX-97-3E-CH received a high score of VG-85-2YR and VG-85-Udder as well.

In "Marketplace", we are offering from O'Kalinda RDC:

- 5 Embryos FEMALE SEXED Mr Danielle Devour RDC
- AAA O'Kalinka-Red: Red Awesome daughter
- AAA O'Kamilla RDC: Red factor Awesome daughter

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Du Louvion Johanna-Red VG-85-2YR @ HFP
Du Louvion Johanna-Red VG-85-2YR-FR
She is one of the most sought after Red Holsteins in Europe:

Du Louvion Johanna-Red VG-85-2YR-FR

She is backed by Blondin Lauthority Libye EX-92-3YR-USA and the World famous Rockymountain Talent Licorice EX-95-5YR-USA,
All-Canadian 4 Year Old 2011 & 2010
All-American 4 Year Old 2011
Reserve Senior Champion WDE 2011

Johanna-Red is noe owned by Holstein Forum Partners, she is open and will be flushed soon to SEXED Jordy-Red .

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RUW Breeder Award 2016 to Holstein Forum Partners
On the occasion of Highlight Sale, the RUW Breeder Award for HFP Balu was handed over to Friedrich Köster and Bernd Sommer.

HFP Balu is by far the heaviest used and sold Holstein bull in 2016 @ RUW. For a Long time, HFP Balu was the #2 Holstein bull in Germany @ gRZG 162 (12/2015). His Epic dam HFP Lucy Lu VG-87-4YR traces directly back to OWN Lucille VG-89 and is maternal sister to the former #1 GTPI heifer in Europe, HFP Lucette. HFP Bill, the full brother to Balu is in Service @ Cogent.

A maternal sister by Battlecry, and a daughter by Citizen from his full sister HFP Larima VG-85-2YR, are for Sale @ our "Marketplace".

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Constantly embryos & heifers for sale!

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Newsletter January, 2 2017
Joe Schweigen
23.12.2016 - 01.01.2017

We wish you a good start in the new year as well as health, happiness and satisfaction for 2017!
We are very pleased that our carefully chosen offer at the turn of the year got such a huge response.
Thank you very much for your interest and your support! We wish the buyers lots of pleasure and success with the animals you have purchased.


…started his activities for HF in the area of Purchasing and Sales in December 2016. He stands for the new generation at HF and is placed in the middle of Europe. We rely on his talent and his special eye for the animals. His motivation and openness for new ideas is contagious.

In the coming months his areas of expertise will extend, step by step, to the marketing and purchasing of our core products, the auction industry and the social media. As agrarian specialist in hoof care, fitter and breeder Joe knows well the breeding industry and exhibition scene. He has already been successful as an exhibitor of National Show Champions in Luxembourg and Belgium, as well as a consigner of SwissExpo in Lausanne.


This sale, organized by Holstein Bosseler, Rising Star Holsteins and Holstein Forum, should not be missed during the days of the European Show 2019 at Libramont!
Therefore, you should already register the date and venue in your calendars:

APRIL, 11 2019
Limpach, Luxemburg
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