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HFP presents Brühlhof Holstein & Jerseys
Andrea und Manfred Uhrig
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Robella LRB Halogen Barbiedol RDC x SEXED Bacon-Hill Pety Modesty
Red factor Halogen with exclusive pedigree.
Barbiedol's granddam is the well-known Rainyridge Super Barb VG-86 2-YR, dam of Calbrett Supersire Barb VG-86, top seller @ Cormdale Summer Sale for $ 265,000.
In the following generations are the legends of the Holstein breed with Rainyridge Talent Barbara EX-95, RF Outside Breeze EX-95 and Rainyridge Tony Beauty EX-5E-CAN.
Top combination of modern sires and superior cow family.
The combination of Modesty x Halogen x Numero Uno is expected to be unique in the R&W breed.

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Bastiavray EX-90-FR x Croteau Lesperron Unix
Embryos from one of the best type families in Europe.
Bastiavray EX-90 is maternal sister to the dam of Galys Vray EX-94, Grand Champion All European Show Colmar 2016, Grand Champion SwissExpo 2016, Grand Champion ExpoBull & Res. Grand Champion SwissExpo 2015, 2-YR Champion Swiss Expo 2014 and SPACE 2013.
The mating with the highest daughter proven bull for Conformation, Unix (+18), guarantees World Class Level.

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World Dairy Expo Package @ Online Embryo Sale 24/7
Gen Com Nohl Haly
x SEXED Mr Leaninghouse Ammo-P RDC

Embryos from the full sister of one of the All-Time best cows, ever entered the Show ring at Madison:
RF Goldwyn Hailey EX-97-4E CAN, Grand & Supreme Champion WDE Madison, RWF Toronto 2012, Grand Champion Toronto 2014, Grand & Res. Supreme Champion Madison 2014 and Res. Grand Champion Toronto 2011.
RF Goldwyn Hailey belongs to the Hall of Fame of the greatest Show cows ever.
The mating to the Kingboy son Ammo P promises outstanding type including the chance of Red factor and polled.

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MS Angel Damali RDC x SEXED Woodcrest King Doc
The first embryos at all from Damali, mated to the until now not EU available King Doc (+ 1575M, +1,4 DPR, + 4,01 PTAT). Byway daughter with red factor and +3,72 PTAT from 8 generations classified EX !!! MS Angel Damali is from her dam, MS Apples Angel EX-94, a granddaughter of the legendary KHW Regiment Apple-Red EX-96. Before Damali there are 6 generations scored with an average of more than 94,5 points! Your ticket to > 4,0 PTAT with red factor.

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Malyn-Vray x Croteau Lesperron Unix
Rare opportunity of genetics directly from the incomparable Ashlyn Vray EX-96, Reserve Sr. Champion All European Show Fribourg 2011, Reserve Sr. & Res. Grand Champion All European Show 2016 Colmar,
Grand Champion Int. Show Verona 2014. Ashlyn Vray is the first cow ever classified in Spain with EX-96.
The mating with Unix (+18 CONF), the No. 1 conformation sire in Canada, promises the highest type level possible.

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News from the USA

At this point, we will regularly present current developments from the USA, such as the bulls with the most calf registrations or the currently highly classified 2-YR-old cows. The list of calf registrations provides interesting information about the popularity of individual sires in the USA. The list of the top classifications in the first lactation cows serves as an overview of the influence of proven sires as well as the potential of new, younger bulls with their first fresh daughters.

Number of calf registrations by sires over the last 2 weeks
Supersire 252
Modesty 250
Montross 235
Jedi 212
Mogul 171
Profit 145
Headliner 138
Franchise 137
Saloon 124
McCutchen 111
Donatello 105
Yoder 100
Bayonet 96
Helix 95
Sterling 90
Diamondback 88
Meridian 85
Heisenberg 85
Hang-Time 84
Kingboy 82
Beemer 71
Blowtorch 65
Gold Chip 57
Spark 2060 55
Byway 53
Troy 52
Monterey 50
Yale 50
Delta 47
Silver 37
Damaris 36
Atwood 26

Top classification (>VG-87)2YR-olds USA September 2017

Danhof Delta Dare-ET VG 88 VG-88MS V. Delta
Hol-Star Malone Roz-RED-ET VG 88 VG 88MS V. Malone-Red
Holbric Spa Jolly-RED VG 88 VG 89MS V. Spa
Sandy-Valley-I Persimmon-ET VG 88 VG 87MS V. Kingboy
Trent-Way GC Tequila-ET VG 88 EX 90MS V. Gold Chip
OCD Atwood Salsa Dancer-ET VG 89 VG 89MS V. Atwood
Air-Osa Supersire 20051 VG 88 EX 90 MS V. Supersire
Air-Osa-B Atwood Blush19218-ET VG 88 VG 88MS V. Atwood
Harvue Corvette Emma VG 88 VG 87MS V. Corvette
Lylehaven Halogen Lollipop VG 88 VG 87MS V. Halogen
Milksource Defiant Lexus-RED-ET VG 88 VG 87MS V. Defiant
Oakfield Windbrook Tiffany-ET VG 88 EX 91MS V. Windbrook
Scenery-View Celia-RED-ET VG 88 EX 90MS V. Ladd P
Springhill-OH Brokaw Josie VG 88 VG 88MS V. Brokaw
Willows-Edge GD Jasmine VG 88 VG 88MS V. Golden Dreams
Ernest-Anthony Tamron-ET EX 91 EX 92MS V. Golden Dreams
Rosedale Achievers Legacy-ET VG 89 EX 91MS V. Doorman
Black-Rock Doorman Deb 001 VG 88 VG-88MS V. Doorman
Garay Atwood Diva VG 88 VG 87MS V. Atwood
Scarlet-Summer Glimmer-ET VG 88 VG 89MS V. Lauthority
Tree-Haven Justice-ET VG 88 VG 88MS V. Golden Dreams
Willows-Edge Reality Mink-RED VG 88 EX 90MS V. Reality-Red
RIS Attico Tabsi
Will she be the new star?
Red Gen-I-Beq Attico Red daughter from Ptit Coeur Seaver Tabasca EX-93. We believe in you, RIS Attico Tabsi!
Ptit Coeur Seaver Tabasca EX-93
Ptit Coeur Seaver Tabasca EX-93
Ptit Coeur Seaver Tabasca EX93 is fresh again in 4th lactation. After two weeks, she looks really good and is already milking 60 kg.
Show Succeses:
Grand Champion & Best Udder Int. Show Libramont 2016
Grand Champion Luxembourg Summer Classics 2016
2nd @ Swiss Expo 2016 & 2015
Res. Grand Champion Junior Expo Bulle 2015

See you again @ Lausanne 2018 !

As you see, the drive was worth it.
HFK Sales heifers are waiting for their tour bus
Sales catalog for Wagyu-Gala-Sale 2017
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Holstein Forum Newsletter
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Online Embryo Sale - 24/7
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New offers @ Online Embryo Sale 24/7
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Thanks for the great 4.Holstein forum Kösters Variety Sale!
We are very satisfied and proud that we have been able to present you with an offer of over 100 lots. More than 90% of the animals were sold, of which 34 were exported (A, CH, DK, F, I, L, NL).
#84 SON Pretty Lady 10.700€ DK
#19 1.Wahl Kuhkalb 10.000€ D
#54 1.Wahl Kuhkalb 10.000€ D
#105 Sensation-Red 9.500€ D
#104 NOHL Sarah 9.400€ L
#57 PrismaGen Amy 8.000€ A
#* THD Romad 7.000€ D
#32 HFP Quynh 7.000€ DK
#64 NOHL Inna 6.500€ D
#55 WIL Movie 6.300€ NL
#70 Visstein K&L Candy 6.200€ D
#1 EIT Isaluna 5.600€ D
#61 RIS Marie 5.000€ DK
#38 Nalizevray Vray 4.800€ A
#16 NOHL Brya 4.800€ L
#27 PrismaGen Playmate 4.600€ D
We have a new picture of Lot #1 - EIT Isaluna
EIT Isaluna
She did great at the National Show in Oldenburg 2017.
In our new office
Frau Westermeier am neuen Schreibtisch
Our new adress:
Holstein Forum Rinderzucht GmbH
Walingen 36b
48329 Havixbeck

Tel: +49 (0)2507 / 573 2222
Fax: +49 (0)2507 / 573 2223
4. HFK Sale / Online Embryo Sale - 24/7
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THD Romad
Reserve Junior Champion R&W National Show Oldenburg 2017
PDF-Download (194 KB)
Meiers Mascalese Fayas excursion
Fayas Flug
ended last week in a steep slope in the Swiss mountains. After more than a day of searching, our breeder friend Heinz Meier discovered Faya there and could organize her rescue from the air. Faya is happy and healthy at home again.
Holstein Forum Newsletter
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HFP Sales Heifers waiting for their big appearance
Online Embryo Sale - 24/7
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The bit different Pedigree
Katalognummer 84
High genomics from a great family.
gRZG 159 Kerrigan x President x Mogul x Osmond @ Eric-Dew Conductor Peggy EX-95-4E!
Lady Gaga again National Champion
Lady Gaga EX-97
Lady Gaga has impressively demonstrated her superiority with the second Grand Champion title in a row yesterday on the National Show.

Our congratulations to Henrik Wille and Friedrich Köster.

Lady Gaga was sold at the 2nd Holstein Forum Kösters Variety Sale 2013 and has dominated German show scene since 2014.

Also this year, we offer a variety of hopeful show heifers from international cow families on the 8th of July 2017 in the 4th HFK Variety Sale. Do not miss this unique opportunity!
Holstein Forum Newsletter
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4th Holstein Forum Kösters Variety Sale - the best offer all time!
Katalog Seite 44
Sales do live from the successes of the buyers. We are proud to be able to present some of these successes. Especially, we are happy about the fact, that less expensive animals have delivered such great results in the buyer herds.
For instance the Qualsiasi Family:
Heifers from Finder @ gRZG 163 & 165
Superhero sister @ gRZG 159 is sold
Beatstick, Top #2 semen sales in Germany 2016 are from the Qualsiasi family.
3 Heifers (HFP Quynh, HFP Quinna und HFP Quintina) are sold on the 4th Holsteein Forum Kösters Variety Sale.
Our sales catalog is now online
4th Holstein Forum Kösters Variety Sale.
Newsletter 09062017
PDF-Download (925 KB)
Blondin Redman Seisme EX-97-2E-USA
Granddaughter from the "One&Only R&W" - Seisme!
Awesome-Red x Ladd Shania-Red EX-90 x Seisme EX-97
Family of the worlds best R&W!
Endless show succeses!

On the 8th of July 2017 you will have the possibility too see this and more than 100 other offers on the 4th Holstein Forum Kösters Variety Sale.
The best offer all time - 100 lots!
Golden-Oaks Perk Rae-Red EX-90
PP from the Roxys @ gRZG 145
8 generations excellent
Hologram x Lottie Da x Epic x Gwyn Perky x Golden-Oaks Perk Rae-Red EX-90

This and much more on the 4th Holstein Forum Kösters Variety Sale on the 8th of July in Steinfurt.
The best offer all time - 100 lots!
RH Talent Maxima EX-94
Your next show winner!
RH Talent Maxima EX-94
Defiant x Armani VG-86-1YR x Maxima EX-94
From the best red breeding cow in Europe.
TWR Armani Maryline was named Grand Champion on the Juniow Winter Show in Luxembourg, 2017.

This and much more on the 4th Holstein Forum Kösters Variety Sale on the 8th of July 2017 in Steinfurt.
The best offer all time - 100 lots!
Jacobs Goldwyn Britany
!! Jacobs Goldwyn Britany EX-96-2YR-CAN!!
Archival x VG-88-3YR-CAN Sid x Britany EX-96
Incredible mating
Archival: Type bull and not availabel in Europe.
What a special show heifer
MS Apples Audrina
Doorman x VG-86 Uno x Apple EX-96
Grand Champion World Dairy Expo, KHW Regiment Apple-Red EX-96
Great looking show heifer!

That and much more @ 4th Holstein Forum Kösters Variety Sale on the 8th of July 2017.
Tomorrow we start our new Online Embryo Sale
Regiment Apple-RED EX-96
-Embryos from the best cow families
-Top Exterieur
-High Genomics

Visit our Online Sales.
World Class Jersey: Kendra EX-95
Primero x RZB Kimberly VG-85 x Kendra EX-95
Kendras Showsucces:
- Supreme Champion Hessens Zukunft 2012
- Champion Jersey Hessens Zukunft 2011/2012/2014/2017
- Grand Champion Thuringia Jersey Open 2012/2014
- HHM Champion Jersey Swiss Expo 2011
- Reserve Champion Udder Swiss Expo 2011/2012
- Reserve Grand Champion Jersey Swiss Expo 2012
- Grand Champion Jersey & Best Udder Swiss Expo 2014

Do we need to say more?
That and much more on the 4th Holstein Forum Kösters Variety Sale on the 8th of July, 2017!
World Champion 2016 !
Galys Vray EX-94-CH
Family Of the European & World Champion 2016 !
Beemer x full sister of Galys Vray EX-94-CH
Beautiful calf from an even better pedigree.
Your chance for the Champions League on the 4th Holstein Forum Kösters Variety Sale on the 8th of July 2017 !
To be sold on the 4th Holstein Forum Kösters Variety Sale
PP & RDC @ gRZG 149.
Mission P x Balisto x Candlelight VG-86.
One of the highest PP heifers in Europe from the family of Apoll P.
Family traces back to Stookey Fagan Scarlet-Red EX-94.
To be sold on the 4th Holstein Forum Kösters Variety Sale
Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy
Great looking Beemer show heifer out of the one and only Missy....
Beemer x Doorman
Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy EX-95
Royal and Madison Grand Champion
Sneak Preview for the 4th HFK Sale on the 8th of July
Morsan LIS Mom Tretica-Red LU0899126034
World sensation!
first red Charley daughter will be sold.
Headliner x MOM x FoolsGold VG-88-CAN.
#1 VRC-Family Worldwide.
Family of HFP OneRed, Morsan GoForGold EX-90 and HFP Gilla Red VG-85-2YR.
Sneak Preview for the 4th HFK Sale on the 8th of July
First Choise Mega Watt x Apple EX-96!
Olympien x Ladd P x EX-90 Goldwyn x Apple EX-96.
2 very early red heifers with outstanding type potential.
4th Holstein Forum Kösters Variety Sale
PDF-Download (488 KB)
Wagyu Spring Sale
PDF-Download (363 KB)
Sneak Preview for the 4th HFK Sale on the 8th of July
PR Barbie
Polled from the Barbies.
Early Mission P @ gZRG 157.
Zumba x Earnhardt x Robust x Chassity EX-92 x Cinderella EX-92 x Barbie EX-92.
Extremly high proofs from 7 generations Excellent.
Sneak Preview for the 4th HFK Sale on the 8th of July
Red Bankroll from Fools Gold.
Outstanding type heifer @ gRZE 137.
Bankroll x Dorman x Morsan GoforGold EX-90.
Family of HFP One-Red.
Dame HFP Gilla-Red just classified VG-85-2YR.
OWN Genetic
Ole is the Northern Light among our partners. He lives with his family in Denmark, where he masters the balancing act between profession, family and hobby. He has a special eye for animals, that is why he has been a judge for Shows for 6 years, the last 2 years even at the National Show in Herning, Denmark.
He works as an agricultural operations manager, where a part of the animals belong to him. The breeding he runs as a hobby, where he puts emphasis on 80% Balance, 10% Genomics and 10% Show.
Ole and Bernd met in 1999 on a trip in the USA and have been in touch since then. The cooperation with Holstein Forum began when Bernd Sommer and Friedrich Köster bought OWN Lucille from Ole in September 2011 - in October 2012 her daughter HFP Lucette was tested as # 1 GTPI in Europe and # 4 GTPI worldwide. The last Penley daughter of Lucille will be sold along with some granddaughters and great-granddaughters at the Holstein Forum Kösters Vareity Sale on July 8., 2017.
PDF-Download (802 KB)
Heinz Meier
Heinz Meier grew up with Holstein breeding. In the 1970s, his parents already founded the Holstein herd with imported semen. In 1987, the first heifer calf from embryo transfer was born. In 1994, the first imported embryos were transferred to breeders and in 1996 the first import of embryos from New Zealand has happened. In the years 1997 to 1999, Family Meier bought heifers at the Sunrise Sale, which today constitutes a major scaffolding of the herd, as well as 3 own Swiss cow families.

In 2011, Heinz Meier took over the current farm, and since then he has sold more than 120 livestock and breeding animals at auctions and from the barn, including some 100,000 kg cows, GM cows, EX cows, bulls, embryos and Show cows.

For Heinz Meier, animal welfare is very important, he is convinced that his animals will feel well where ever they are sold to.

On October 1th, 2016 he organized the 1st Meier's Holstein Sale in cooperation with Holstein Forum with 75 catalog numbers very successfully.
PDF-Download (771 KB)

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